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As the marketplace gets tighter, and the world becomes smaller, companies are looking for creative and innovative solutions to meet new challenges. Even with the current economy, there has been a shift in focus and resources and investing more into an incentives culture, recognizing and rewarding individuals for performance, achievements, and loyalty. The incentive industry continues to be a multi-billion-dollar business that plays a critical role in companies' response to remain competitive and increase their market-share. The challenge becomes, however, of what is the best rewards program provider to meet the needs of the company's goals and objectives.

Online Rewards provides one of the most powerful and flexible rewards program platforms currently available in the industry.

Online Rewards has differentiated itself over its competitors by building a technological and business model that is based on:

Customer Loyalty Programs

Delivering unique experiences by linking positive customer behaviors with engaging reward choices will differentiate your brand ahead of your competitors.

Employee Recognition

Engaging employees begins with building a recognition culture that rewards and recognizes employee performance and productivity.

Service Awards

Recognizing the contributions and dedication provided by employees over their years of service is a key component in any employee reward and recognition strategy.

Sales Incentives

A well-executed sales incentive program motivates and engages your sales force, significantly impacting revenue growth.

Safety Incentives

An effective safety rewards program will raise safety awareness and reinforce a safety conscious work environment.

Health & Wellness Incentives

For health & wellness programs to be optimized, companies should celebrate alongside with their employees for goal achievements through exciting experiences and meaningful rewards.

B2B & Dealer Incentives

Keep your brand top-of-mind with your external sales channels by providing the right environment to educate and motivate through a B2B dealer channel sales incentive program.


Online Rewards delivers an almost limitless array of reward options that can be customized for individual client programs. Catalogs can include any combination of retail gift cards, merchandise (100,000 options), travel (40,000 hotels), branded items, concierge travel (for airline ticket and resort accommodation) and charities.

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Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Beginning A Rewards Program:

1 How much does it cost to design and build a rewards program?

2 What are the most important things to keep in mind when starting this process of building a rewards program?

3 What kinds of rewards should I offer anyway?

4 What are other companies within my industry doing about reward programs?

5 How easy is it for my target audience to access and interact with this rewards program?

6 What is some solid evidence on how building a rewards program yields a good return on investment?

7 What is the best approach for designing the right rewards program?

8 What are the current trends in rewards program and within the loyalty and incentive spectrum?

9 Is the rewards program a pre-packaged solution or can I customized it to what I want it to do?

10 How does my target audience earn rewards?

ยปThis site is designed as a forum, providing important information about each of the formats as listed to the left, as well as incorporating advice to the questions above, in an effort to equip you with a better understanding into the world of incentive and rewards program solutions.

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